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En TEKNACORP ponemos a su disposición la más completa cadena de valor para sus proyectos, con profesionales de Ingeniería de primera línea. Tenemos la capacidad de diseñar y validar parámetros de diseño con los valores de presión. Nuestro Know How del negocio y capacidades se traducen en tiempos de entrega ajustados a sus necesidades.


Longitudinal traction

Destructive tests for determination of resistance to creep and breaking traction. Executed in accordance with ASTM A370.

Ensayos tracción longitudinal

Impact (Charpy CVN)

Destructive test for the quantification of energy absorbed at low temperatures (Below +32°F/0°C). Executed in accordance with ASTM E23.

Ensayos impacto charpy CVN


Non-destructive test for surface hardness verification and thickness hardness sampling.

Macro Hardness: can be carried out in the workshop. Microhardness: in the laboratory; with different charges and indenter.

Executed in accordance with ASTM A370, E18 and E110.

Ensayos de dureza

Weld bend test

Destructive test to verify the resistance to a bending moment of a welded joint. Used on welded pipe and fittings.

Executed in accordance with ASTM A370 and ASTM E190.

Ensayos weld bend test

Radiography in welds

Non-destructive examination of butt-weldable joints to verify possible external and internal defects in the weld bead.

Executed in accordance with ASME BPVC section VIII Div. 1, UW-51.

Ensayos radiografía en soldadura

Magnetic particles

Non-destructive examination, applicable to weldable joints and forged elements to verify possible surface defects.

Executed in accordance with ASTM E709.

Ensayos partículas magnéticas

Liquid penetrant

Non-destructive examination, applicable to weldable joints to verify possible surface defects.

Executed in accordance with ASME BPVC section VIII Div 1, App 8

Ensayos líquido penetrante


Non-destructive examination, applicable to weldable joints, forged elements and pipeline elements for the verification of defects and discontinuities.

Executed in accordance with ASME SEC V, Art 4 and 5, ASTM A388 and API 5L Annex E.

Ensayos ultrasonido


Non-destructive examination, applicable to weldable joints, forged elements and pipeline elements for the verification of defects and discontinuities.

Executed in accordance with ASME SEC V, Art 4 and 5, ASTM A388 and API 5L Annex E.

Ensayos metalografía

Positive Material Identification (PMI)

Verification of alloy elements in ferrous and non-ferrous alloys materials by fluorescence, in order to quantify elements with an atomic radius greater than 12.

Ensayos identificación positiva de material

Salt spray test (SST)

Saline atmosphere simulation destructive test to verify the corrosion resistance of external materials and coatings.

Executed in accordance with ASTM B117.

Ensayos salt spray test SST

Hydrogen Corrosion (HIC)

Destructive test in which specimens are subjected to a hydrogen sulfide atmosphere for 96 hours to detect and quantify characteristics of cracks induced by hydrogen (CSR, CLR, CTR).Executed in accordance with NACE TM0284.

Ensayos corrosión por hidrógeno HIC

Hydrostatic test for valves

Hydrostatic tests of body and seats in accordance with the guidelines and acceptance criteria of API 6D, API 6A and API 598.

Pruebas hidrostáticas en válvulas

Hydrostatic test for strainers

Hydrostatic tests on manufactured strainers, in accordance with the requirements of ASME B31.3.

Pruebas hidrostáticas en strainers

Pneumatic valve test

High and low pressure tests for valve seats, using nitrogen or air. Executed according to API 6D, ISO 5208.

Pruebas neumáticas en válvulas

Tightness in closures

Tightness tests (seat testing) for a quick closing lid (end closure) at pressures higher than the maximum of work using certified procedures.

Pruebas estanqueidad de closures

Sealing in MAF flanges

Tightness tests on assembled misalignment flanges, certified for pressures higher than working and design pressures, with results reports for adequate traceability.

Pruebas en bridas MAF

Hydrostatic tubing ASTM A672

Hydrostatic tests on EFW process piping, in accordance with the requirements of ASME B31.3.

Pruebas hidrostáticas tubería ASTM A627

Valve actuation operation (Functional Test)

Attested tests of operation of pneumatic or electrohydraulic actuators, quantifying, among others, operation, opening and/or closing time.

Pruebas funcionamiento de actuación en válvulas


45° sides, in carbon steel and stainless steel, manufactured in one piece forging or welded, using reinforcement and thickness calculations according to ASME B31.3.

Fabricación de productos laterales


Eccentric and concentric reducers, welded and seamless construction, manufactured in accordance with MSS SP-75 and ASME B16.9, or in «custom made» dimensions.

Fabricación reducciones

Special Fittings

Radial flow tees and Barred tees, designed according to the requirements of material, pipeline, working fluid, pressure and temperature. Specialized product design and manufacture built and designed under the ASME code.

Fabricación conexiones especiales

Launcher and Receiving Pig trap skids

Engineering and construction of skids for launching and receiving tools for pipeline cleaning.

Fabricación skids para trampas de herramientas

Pig Launchers and receivers

Design and specification of launching and receiving traps, with pipeline components, pigs (tools), step indicators, closures and peripherals.

Fabricación trampas de lanzamiento y recepción de herramientas


Induced bends (induction bends) manufactured by bending and controlled heating from API 5L pipe grade B and X42 up to X70.  Wall thicknesses, radii of curvature and angles adapted to the connection requirement of two pipeline sections. Manufactured under ASME B16.49.

Fabricación bends


We have experience and the appropriate equipment to optimize the load for the transport of materials, in a safe and controlled manner.

Logística contenerización

Air Freight

Experience in handling air cargo with fast deliveries of materials adjusted to the needs of the projects.

Teknacorp USA Inc.

Maritime shipping

Experience in handling maritime cargo from anywhere in the world to where the logistical requirements of the project requires.

Logística traslado marítimo

DDP delivery for Mexico and Colombia

Logistics capacity of infrastructure and equipment to deliver directly to the project location at any point in Colombian and Mexican territory.

Logística entregas DDP

Cargo consolidation warehouses

We have the infrastructure and storage capacity to consolidate your cargo, optimizing the logistics and delivery of materials for your projects.

Logística almacenes de consolidación de carga

Storage solutions on consignment or supply agreement

Consignment storage, to provide a constant and controlled flow of material according to the needs on site.

Logística almacenes de consolidación de carga


TEKNACORP provides inspection services for internal use and for third parties. We have  qualified inspectors offering its clients quality control services, dimensional verification against manufacturing and isometric drawings. Non-destructive tests such as ultrasonic tests, radiography, magnetic particle inspection and penetrating liquid inspection, among others. Design and witnessing of tests aimed at the oil and gas industry in accordance with international standards and technical specifications of the client.

Logística inspección


Meatal cages for large equipment Specialized packaging for large equipment, keeping your items safe and undamaged.

Empaques jaulas para equipos de gran tamaño

Pipe bundles

Bundles for handling large amounts of pipe with a diameter of less than 8?, directly from the mill to the project site.

Empaques bundle tubería

Custom packaging for export

Custom-designed packaging to optimize cargo handling in a safe, practical and cost-effective manner.

Empaques a la medida para exportación

Special modularization packaging

“Custom made” solutions for handling large cargo volumes.

Empaques especiales de modularización

Design of piping systems according to ASME B31.1, B31.3, B31.4 and B31.8.

Design of pipe spools using ASME codes based on project design variables, with calculation memories.

Diseño de sistemas de tuberías según ASTM

Material selection studies for piping

Engineering, technical and economic feasibility studies for the selection of materials based on piping codes.

Estudio de selección de materiales para piping

Thickness calculations and piping class development

Development of piping classes, with design considerations, materials and associated specifications required by the project, validating thicknesses based on design variables and applicable codes.

Cálculos de espesores y desarrollos de piping class

Hoop stress calculations

Stress calculations due to internal pressures in pipeline systems.

Cálculos de hoop stress

Calculation of components (flanges) according to ASME BPVC Sec VIII Div 1

Design and calculation of flanges in classes and designs extrapolated to ASME B16.5, B16.47 and MSSSP-44 codes, using the ASME code guidelines for pressure vessels.

Cálculo de componentes bridas según ASME

Calculation of extrusions according to ASME B31.3, Section 304.3.4

Calculation of extrusions for accessories from sheet, using the ASME code to guarantee compliance with the reinforcement areas for the pressures and temperatures of the pipeline system.

Cálculos de extrusiones según ASME
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