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Pipeline reliability. split tee

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Pipeline reliability. split tee

We supply extruded and hot-forged split tees in diameters from 2” to 60” and special dimensions, including large thicknesses, up to 2 ½”. Manufactured from extruded branches, the construction method provides a series of significant advantages over welded branches, starting with the elimination of the welding bead between the line (run) and the branch providing the ability to resist higher external loads, eliminating the need for external reinforcements (saddles-saddles) in addition to the reduction of fatigue due to cracking induced by cyclic loads or thermal loads.

There are several comparative advantages of using extruded branches, including the ability to design the reinforcement and height of the branch, through a careful design process involving input parameters: pressure, design temperature and minimum temperature of the line, material and corrosion tolerance to generate a product tailored to the needs of the project and the applicable design codes.

Extrusion based

  • Made from a single piece of material.
  • No welding
  • Uniform grain structure.
  • Resistant to high loads and cyclic service.
  • Less amount of material involved than in a weld
  • No HAZ Heat Affected Zone


Welded construction

  • Base reinforcement cannot be examined by radiography.
  • Requires greater thicknesses.
  • Create stress concentrations and are prone to failure in the weld bead heat affected zone (HAZ).
  • More manufacturing processes and raw material involved than extrusion.
  • Lower external load factor.
  • High probability of failure under cyclic loads.


Our design philosophy, outlined by a Quality Management System certified under ISO 9001:2015, monitors each aspect of the process, guarantees compliance with the specifications, ensures that the corresponding tests are carried out according to the applicable standard and the radiographic examination of 100% of the welds.

Reinforcing strips and longitudinal slots are included if required by the project specification or hot tapping element data sheet. In addition, we offer the option of designing and including lifting accessories in our split tees in order to facilitate their positioning on the pipe. All our connections are delivered with dimensional drawings, material certificates (MTR) and non-destructive test reports (NDE).

Our connections are designed to meet and exceed the requirements of ASME B31.8, ASME B31.4, and ASME B31.3 pipeline and process codes.

We can manufacture our split tees in the following materials:

Carbon Steel

  • A234 WPB and A234 WPC

Low temperature

  • A420WPL6

High Yield Materials

  • MSS SP-75 WPHY-42 to WPHY-70
  • ASTM A860 WPHY-42 to WPHY-70

Depending on the design parameters, flanges are supplied  ANSI classes 150, 300, 600, 900, or 1500 with raised face (RF) or RTJ, in materials with metallurgical compatibility with the material of the split tee. Other types of flanges available on request. In addition, an option is offered to supply the fittings only with a butt weld branch (without flange), ready to be joined by welding to another fitting or to a valve.