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El Grupo TEKNACORP está certificado en ISO 9001:2015 e ISO 29001:2010

Process map

The activity and emphasis on quality is reflected from the supplier evaluation and qualification process, with active monitoring during the manufacturing processes, to the reception and storage of materials and shipment. Including a detailed management of certificates verification, traceability and tests, as well as the logistical control of supply to clients and documentation packages to be delivered.

Mapa de procesos

Procesos estratégicos y de apoyo


The Strategic Management process is responsible for establishing the policies, objectives, strategies and communicating the strategic direction guidelines at all levels for the achievement of the objectives and the proper functioning of the company.

  • Direct permanently all the processes of the company.
  • Define the objectives, indicators and goals.
  • Allocate resources for the operation of the company.
  • Review the performance of all processes.


Process in charge of Planning, executing, controlling and verifying compliance with the procedures of all processes, the objectives of the organization, the requirements of the client and the ISO 9001 and 29001 standards.

  • Review the documents of the management system and control the documented information.
  • Monitor the treatment of non-conforming products and findings in the processes.
  • Plan and execute internal audits.
  • Monitor and consolidate the results of the process indicators.
  • Plan and conduct the management review meeting.
  • Control and follow up on complaints and claims.


Process in charge of developing the accounting and internal administration of TEKNACORP USA Inc. applying the norms and procedures in force in order to obtain timely and reliable information, which produces the elements of analysis for decision making in the evaluation, programming and control of resources organization and in compliance with obligations to state entities and the company’s accounts payable.

  • Prepare financial and accounting reports.
  • Prepare checks for payment by close monitoring of payment dates.
  • Execute payments to suppliers as established in the budget and monitor portfolio payment.
  • Notify suppliers of payments made.
  • Review the fixed expenses of the company to project the cash flow balance in the immediate future, optimizing costs.


Process in charge of developing activities that guarantee the provision of talent and human resources, promoting optimal levels of performance and an adequate organizational climate.

  • Call, select and hire personnel.
  • Develop the training plan for employees.
  • Carry out staff performance evaluations.
  • Coordinate staff vacations.

Business Processes


Process in charge of guaranteeing optimal communication with the client, in order to properly identify their requirements and thus prepare an offer that meets their needs.

  • Identify and analyze business opportunities.
  • Identify opportunity requirements.
  • Prepare, present and monitor commercial offers.
  • Make the closing of the sale.
  • Prepare and send the Order Acknowledgment to the client.
  • Analyze the feasibility of the purchase order issued by the client, present the awarded project to the operations area.
  • Measure customer satisfaction.


Plan and control the execution of projects as well as prepare and monitor the purchase order for suppliers.

  • Develop project planning.
  • Execute and control projects.
  • Prepare, send and monitor purchase orders issued to suppliers.
  • Carry out documentary verification of the technical specifications of the product.
  • Verify compliance with project planning.
  • Carry out the closure of projects.
  • Evaluate the performance of suppliers.


Process in charge of executing activities to verify and control compliance with customer and regulatory  ISO 9001 / ISO 29001 requirements.

  • Identify the customer's technical specifications.
  • Prepare the inspection plan.
  • Carry out the physical verification of compliance with the technical specifications of the product.
  • Release the product for delivery.
  • Report "non-compliant" product when applicable.


The mission of the process is to execute the activities for the delivery of the material to the client, complying with the requirements established by the client and applicable legal requirements.

  • Determine the type of packaging that is to be used and who is responsible.
  • Prepare documents for transportation.
  • Prepare the customs invoice for clients.
  • Coordinate the transport service for the delivery of the products to the client.
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