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Suplidores Industriales TEKNACORP 21 C. A. is founded in Caracas, Venezuela, to meet the specific needs of the Oil and Gas industry, as well as engineering and construction companies in the sector.

Teknacorp Venezuela


TEKNACORP 21 C.A. expands regional branches in Venezuela, the East, the West and in the areas of concentration of the country's oil and gas activity, to meet the growing demand for materials for refining, transmission and production.

Teknacorp USA Inc.


TEKNACORP USA Inc. is established to reproduce the already successful business model in Venezuela from the USA to Latin America and the Caribbean. This strategic move brings us closer to supply sources and manufacturers and diversifies us into the most important business centers on the continent.

Mapa de expansión Teknacorp

2006 - 2010

TEKNACORP gradually expands the market penetration in Latin America, establishing an important client base in Colombia, Peru, Argentina and Chile.


TEKNACORP changes its image as a result of strategic positioning planning for the company.

Oficina Teknacorp Mexico


TEKNACORP Suministros Especializados de México S. A. de C. V. joins the TEKNACORP group in order to have a local presence and access to the important Mexican market, with the ability to deliver products immediately to any part of the territory.


The TEKNACORP Group in the USA, Mexico, Colombia and Venezuela obtains the ISO 9001 Quality certification and the ISO 29001 certification, a recognized international standard for the design, development, production, installation and service of products for the oil, petrochemical and natural gas industries.



TEKNACORP incorporates state-of-the-art technology with the SAP enterprise resource planning system to improve the control of its processes, from the identification of sales opportunities to the delivery of the material to the client, invoicing and collection. Combining our capacity with affiliated freight forwarders in the United States and the Americas.

Teknacorp Suministros Especializados de Colombia


TEKNACORP Suministros Especializados de Colombia S.A.S. joins the TEKNACORP Group, so that customers who have known us for more than 10 years can receive our products in their projects or warehouses anywhere in the Colombian territory.

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