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Teknacorp valve actuators – ATI

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Teknacorp valve actuators – ATI

Automation Technologies (ATI) brand valve actuators supplied by TEKNACORP are designed and manufactured in Houston, Texas for custom applications to exact customer specifications. We offer pneumatic valve actuators and hydraulic valve actuators in spring-return and double-acting varieties, depending on the failure mode specified. In addition, we offer a full line of manually operated backups. The build quality of ATI actuators and TEKNACORP’s rigorous control result in extremely well-built valve automation products.


For this case study, the actuator was designed for an application for a 46,000 Hp natural gas compression station that interconnects with other natural gas transportation systems in northern Mexico. It consists of a 36” Class 600# valve, GWC brand (Italy), model FW600-2-EF-F3-B, with welded body, and an ATI scotch yoke-type direct gas actuator, model SYS6-8.0DG, with double-acting piston. ¼ turn, configured with ARROW high and low pressure in-line filter drier, 2 x 3-way solenoid valves PETER PAUL ELECTRONICS CO. Inc, AQUATROL pressure relief valve, SIGMA pressure regulators, TOPWORX D-series positioner with visual indicator, DELTROL check valve, ALCO drain valves, continuous duty coils, “ZSO/ZSC” position switches, capable of operating with local / remote / partial stroke “PVST” control, in explosion-proof control box with SIEMENS and PHOENIX CONTACT electronic components. Additionally, an ACCUMULATORS Inc. accumulator tank system was manufactured that ensures 2 complete opening and closing cycles, as well as a GEVALCO manual hydraulic pump in case of power failure.


Our alliance with ATI, combined with the best and most recognized valve brands worldwide and the ability to combine the required performance according to service, generates confidence in our customers, assuring them of the quality of the final product. We can supply our valve actuators with any brand of valve requested by the customer or by specification. The actuators are sized, installed, verified and functionally tested by our integration team, ensuring correct operation of the valve + actuator assembly and its peripherals.


When it comes to electric actuators, hydraulic or pneumatic linear actuators, single acting, double acting, rotary, EDSV, direct gas over oil or hydraulic (linear, rotary) and electrohydraulic actuators, TEKNACORPATI are your best solution with the least manufacturing time and market integration.