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Galvanized pipe

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Galvanized pipe

TEKNACORP offers an extensive line of hot dip galvanizing solutions at highly competitive prices. Corrosion protection is a must for carbon steel materials. During the galvanizing process, molten Zinc reacts with the surface of the base material to form a protective layer against corrosion. The average coating has a typical life between 10 and 25 years in urban environments and more than 50 years in rural conditions.

Inspection, testing, and sampling are in accordance with ASTM standards and specifications. Inspection procedures and acceptance criteria for galvanized material are in accordance with ASTM A123. This process includes the following steps:

  • Visual examination of samples and finished products
  • Tests to determine the weight of the zinc coating per unit area of ??material
  • The weight of the coating is determined following the standard ASTM E376 “Recommended Practices for Measuring Coating Thickness Using Magnetic Field or Electromagnetic Method”

Hot-dip galvanizing provides external coverage and protection in hollow sections, such as pipe. It sacrifices itself to protect the base metal through a metallurgical reaction, is environmentally sustainable in addition to having good impact and abrasion resistance making it  maintenance free for the life of the coating, up to 50 years.

The uses of hot dip galvanizing continue to evolve, and new markets are emerging all the time. Similarly, the specification of galvanizing beyond corrosion protection expands the range of applications for this coating in pipes and other applications. Corrosion protection is inherent, to which we must add lower initial costs, durability, longevity, availability, versatility, sustainability and aesthetics.